Wednesday, 28 September 2016

20 Job Hunting Annoyances

1.You find a job you start applying and then get to that dreaded questionnaire you answer all the questions get to the end to then be told you're unsuccessful why?!?.

2.You need to drive if I had a job and money then I would!.

3.When employers assume you can drive.

4.You get to interview stage but then either hear nothing or it's a no.

5.You apply for loads of jobs but only hear back from say one.

6. You get a call about a job they put you on the spot by asking questions then say you'll hear back in a few days they pass you never hear.

7.You need experience how can I get experience if I can't get a job?!?.

8.The websites never get updated.

9.When you get sent to some employment place such as seetec and they're just as useless as the job centre.

10.When the interviewer saids they will contact you in so many days but never do.

11.When you don't get feedback from an interview.

12.Questionnaire's are unfair.

13.You see the same companies advertising (such as Next) all the time even though you apply you hear nothing clearly a crap company to work for.

14.Really detailed job descriptions for a simple job a monkey could do lol.

15.Long applications WHY???

16. No follow-up from a company after you’ve been interviewed.

17. Companies who post jobs, and then don’t even acknowledge receiving your CV after you apply.

18.When you get asked salary requirements when applying for a job.

19.When  you get asked why you want to work somewhere just give me a job!!!.

20. Group interviews just no.

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