10 Happy Hacks

1.Get Off Social Media.
Social media can be draining and there's only so much scrolling you can do. So go outside,see your family/friends and keep away from your phone.laptop etc you'll feel better and you won't miss much honest!.

2.Stop Worrying!.
Stop worrying about school, college, that guy who hasn't text you back, concentrate on YOU and things will work out so keep smiling!.

3.Get Some Fresh Air.
Go outside for a walk/run/jog anything to get fresh air you'll feel better about yourself.

Hug your pet dog/cat pets are guaranteed to cheer you up!.Or if you have neither hug your mum,dad or sister or brother.

Find a phrase or quote you relate to and say it in your head to yourself if you're having a crummy day thinking about it will help to banish the bad thoughts and bring positive ones.

I love baking things but don't do it enough! so go and bake some cookies,cupcakes or brownies and then eat them while watching a film or tv series.

7.Tv Series.
Watch your favourtie tv series mine are the Big Bang Theory,Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Jonathan Creek and Criminal minds.

8.Make a list of all the positives in your life and look at it everyday.

9.Take Time Out.
Pamper yourself you deserve it! run a nice lush bath or whatever your go to bath product is,read a book or a magazine,get a facemask and just enjoy relaxing.

10.Enjoy Being By Yourself.
I quite like my own company as it's nice to be by yourself so read, go out for lunch, cook your favourite food.

Thanks for reading.