Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Natural Collection Dusky Pink Blusher Review

I am always looking for a decent blusher some are quite over my budget I'm not made of money here and I can never find the right colour some are too pink or some aren't pink enough etc. I mean I don't want to be looking like coco the clown lol so I looked at natural collection and found this one and it's just the right shade for my skin tone not too pink and not clown looking. It was only £1.99 (as is the whole collection) super affordable, super pretty and it lasts all day which is a bonus!. This blush is called dusky pink I'm easily led by a funky name #oh dear. Anyway this blush is from Boots the only place you can get natural collection products they've recently expanded their collection with new stick highlighters (they're really good) and a new brow kit. I recommend buying natural collection if you're on a budget or just starting out with make up.

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