Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tips For Achieving Your Goals

I thought I would share my tips about working hard to achieve your goals whether that be a job,a new career,college,school anything that you're passionate about.

1.Believe in yourself if you believe you can then you're half way there.

2.Don't EVER give up no matter what anyone tells you just keep going working hard.

3.Keep going you will get there.

4.If you're job hunting look everyday and apply for what you can but try not to be disappointed if you don't hear back or if it's a no just say it's their loss and move on!.

5.If you're studying try your best and study as much as possible you can achieve anything!.

6.Take all the advice you can get from family,friends,school teachers,college tutors they're all there to help so take it..

7.If you show passion for something it really pays off.

8.You CAN do anything if you put your time and effort into it.

9.Don't stop trying until you reach your goal.

10.If you are having a down day or an off day then run a nice bath,get some chocolate and watch your fave TV show or YouTubers. You'll soon feel better again.

Thanks for reading.

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