Lush Creamy Candy Bubblebar Review

I'm a huge fan of the sweet scents at Lush and this creamy candy bubblebar is right up my street! I love the colour pink and of course the sweetness of it I just want to eat it! haha but don't. I like the little flower in the middle. It contains cocoa butter for softening and conditioning,almond oil which is hydration for skin and hair and fair trade vanilla absolute which is sweet and comforting. It has a velvety texture and smells like candyfloss and sweets. The bright pink stands out and if you like sweet scents then this bubblebar is for you!.
I love bubblebars because they make so many bubbles from such a small piece broken off (that's if you make it last which I think is better than using it all at once. This bubblebar costs £2.95 which I think is reasonable for a bubblebar. The sweet candyfloss raises your mood and perks you up if you're feeling a bit down. It's easily crumbled under running water and turns the water a nice pink colour. I'd recommend this creamy candy bubblebar if you like sweet smells but if not then it's not for you. I like the name of this bubblebar and I'm drawn to it for the colour,smell and overall appearance.

Thanks for reading.