Job Hunting Update

As a lot of people know I'm still looking for a job and I thought I would write an update on how its going. I have been to a couple of interviews but never heard back and it's so frustrating :( it's the same with applying and not hearing back I know many others apply too but I would rather know. Most companies don't respond these days and that's just how it is. I look everyday and try to apply for what I can the last interview was at Sue Ryder and I've not heard back I really do hate it when I have some hope and it gets crushed because I'm left hanging.

I try to be positive about 98% of the time but sometimes things get to me like they are now and I think am I ever going to get a job? am I just destined to be unemployed? why can't I get given a chance? where am I going wrong? I really don't understand all I want is to prove that I can do things. I really do want to work but it's not been easy I've been put on many courses, seetec (very crap) Shaw Trust they were helpful but I still don't have a job.

All I see on Facebook is people going from job to job, getting  married, making babies etc etc and I can't even get ONE bloody job it's so annoying and frustrating because I want to work I don't want to be going to the poxy jobcentre forever. I've been going there for ages on and off but I just want the day to come when I NEVER have to go anymore. There's so many things I want to do learn to drive, go places, move out one day (not yet) and meet new people why can't I have that? why can't I have a job? why won't anyone employ me? I just don't understand anymore where am I going wrong? why do things have to be this way?. It really does get to me because I want to work and there are so many people out there who don't and just bum off the government but I don't want to do that I want to earn my own money.

Thanks for reading.