11 Relatable Girl Problems

After writing a post about periods I thought I'd wrtie one about the problems girls face more or less everyday hope you like it or if you relate leave a comment.

1.Periods why do I have to bleed every month? and having to buy tampons/pads are just so expensive

2. Shaving such a chore and razors cost an arm and a leg.

3. You straighten or curl your hair you go out and then it rains= frizz.

4. Spots in such stupid places.

5. Your nail painting skills look like they were done by a 3 year old #fail

6. Forever losing bobby pins,hair ties,hair clips etc.

7. Deciding weather to wear make up or not or when you do and forget and rub your eyes.

8. Never having anything to wear *has full wardrobe of clothes*

9. When you run out of your fave make up and have to wait till payday #help

10. Going bra shopping is just so boring and bras are expensive #whoinventedbras

11. Guys they're just a pain.