Feeling Fed Up With Everything

It's hard to stay positive and upbeat all the time while trying to find a job it's becoming so tedious and I really am losing hope. I am fed up of looking,applying and constantly getting turned down or not even hearing back. I feel like I'm just going round in a vicious circle and it also gets annoying when people keep saying something will come up don't give up yada yada yada urghhhh. Things aren't meant to be this way and I feel so behind when all I hear about is people getting jobs/or promotion,moving out,getting married or getting into relationships etc etc and then there's me.......

I feel isolated and lonely at times too because I don't really have a lot of friends which is one reason I want a job to meet people but that's not happening. I want to do so many things such as go away and learn to drive but I can't because I need money but no one will employ me. I'm so fed up and sick of things now all I do is the same thing day in day out. Everyday is just the same for me I'm always bored I really don't know where I'm going wrong?.

I really am trying my best but now it's just getting to the point why am I bothering? what's the point? this is never gonna happen and I should just give up now. I know there's others in the same boat but it's not fair I just want a job and a chance is that too much to ask? I can't go on like this anymore I hate it and I hate feeling like this :(. Why did things have to be this way? why can't be the one who gets a job and is able to do more things have fun and not have to worry or feel fed up with life.As much as I like volunteering my plan wasn't to be there this long (5 years) it has helped me a lot with my confidence and becoming less shy but I JUST WANT A JOB NOW PLEASE I just want something good to happen for once.

I know my life is far from bad and I rarely complain but all I want is a job but it just doesn't feel like it's going to happen anytime soon I am applying for as many jobs as I can and trying to have a bit of hope  but it's difficult. It also feels like people don't understand what it's like and just tend to say the same garbage that a job will come long and to be honest I've heard it enough now. It's hard to find things to do when you're unemployed everyday is just the same and most days I'm bored.It also gets annoying when people constantly ask have you got a job yet? ffs no!.

Thanks for reading.