Monday, 15 August 2016

20 Reasons Why I Should Be Employed

1.I am hardworking.

2.I am eager to learn.

3.I want to gain more skills.

4.I am reliable.

5.I have lots of retail and customer service experience.

6.I am keen to take on new opportunities.

7.I want to meet new people.

8.I'm honest.

9.I have a lot of customer service knowledge.

10.I am interested in progressing my career.

11.I am motivated and ready to get stuck in.

12.I have good communication skills.

13.I am committed.

14.I am passionate about learning and gaining more skills.

15.I am responsible.

16.I am friendly,polite and helpful.

17.I am able to work as part of a team.

18.I am confident and keen to gain more.

19.I am energetic.


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