Where Am I Going Wrong?

Job searching has been going ok and I've had the odd interview but no luck with being employed. It's really starting to annoy me and make me wonder where I'm going wrong? I don't get it? why can't I get a job? I really do feel like I try my damn hardest by looking everyday and applying for what I can but I just either get no response or an interview but no employment. I don't understand why I can't get a job? I am aware I'm not the only unemployed person but I honestly JUST WANT A JOB it's been far too long now and I'm starting to lose hope because I always get turned down :(.

It wasn't meant to be like this I was meant to do volunteering for a little while then get a job but after 5 years of that and 2 xmas jobs I'm no further to getting employed and I don't understand WHY? where am I going wrong?. I do try and not let it bug me but sometimes it gets to me and when I get interviews I have hope but then its crushed by being told I'm unsuccessful and then I'm back to square one. I honestly beileve I should be given a chance to prove that I CAN do the job and I make a good employee. All I want is a chance is that really too much to ask?

Thanks for reading
Sorry this post isn't very cheerful