Lush Sea Vegetable Sample Soap Review

I took a long overdue trip to Lush Colchester and was kindly gifted a little free sample of sea vegetable soap my first ever! so I thought I'd write a review on it. I like how it was wrapped in paper and stuck with lush stickers. I like the colours of it nice sea blue and some dark green defiantly remind of the sea. It contains seaweed absolute to nourish and protect the skin,lime oil for uplifting and protecting,arame seaweed for softening and detoxifying and lavender oil balancing and calming. its good for taking care of sunburn and insect bites which is helpful with it being summer. it lathered up well and smelt like being at the beach with the seaweed it was bit strong but not overall and I would probably buy it again or look into buying other soaps from Lush as this was my first bit.This soap costs £3.25 for 100g,£8.10 for 250g and £16.25 for 500g.

Thanks for reading