Long Over Due Life Update

Hey everyone it's been a long time since I've posted on my blog let alone do a life update so I thought I'd better write one.

I am still looking for a job but I am getting interviews which is something and I am also looking everyday and applying for what I can so fingers crossed. I have an interview on Monday so keeping positive about that and its right near my house which is a massive convenience #win. My last interview was for Jacques Vert it went alright but apparently I don't have enough experience #utterrubbish anyway moving on. I went to B&M for a chat about work experience my jobcentre adviser sent me so I thought I'd go along. I pulled out because it was for 8 weeks,unpaid and I just didn't like the manager he just didn't seem like a manager and plus who wants to work that long for nothing? not me! so glad I don't have go there. I did apply there before it opened and had an interview but never heard back though I don't think it's quite me.I am more or less happy (even after getting really sad news last week) :( and I do try to be positive about things and believe my life isn't bad at all and a job will come up soon I'm not giving up!.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon.