20 Job Hunting Struggles

1. You find a job,you apply and you hear nothing and feel sheer disappointment.

2. You get a interview,go to it and a few days later you're told you're unsuccessful.

3. You need experience in order to get experience.

4. You need certain qualifications just to work in a shop really?!?

5. You need a car but can't afford to have one because you're unemployed and need money.

6. The hours are unreasonable for example 7am start in a clothes shop WHY???

7. Waiting to hear back for an interview is so frustrating.

8. When people keep asking how the job hunt is going and you're like if I'd got a job you'd know about it.

9. I hate the job applications where you have to do a questionnaire and then a the end they tell you you're unsuccessful or they give it a few days and then tell you. What I can't understand is HOW they base someone on a crummy questionnaire? so unfair.......

10. Not being able to get feedback after being unsuccessful if they can tell me that then surely they can give some feedback? makes no sense coming from the companies that claim to be great just no.

11.When other people get a job and you have to pretend to care.

12. You spend hours looking online page after page and find nothing.

13.When you keep hearing peoples success and all you want to do is crawl into a hole and hide.

14. Trying to be positive about things even though you feel like crying because things aren't going well.

15. Job appliactions that ask your martial status why does that matter??? so nosey do you want to know my underwear size too? LOL.

16. When people don't understand what being unemployed is like.

17. When People suggest jobs and assume you can drive.

18. The job websites that don't get updated very often and you see the same jobs everyday.

19. When you have too much time to fill.

20. When job descriptions are as long as your left arm......