Saturday, 30 July 2016

Lush Sea Vegetable Sample Soap Review

I took a long overdue trip to Lush Colchester and was kindly gifted a little free sample of sea vegetable soap my first ever! so I thought I'd write a review on it. I like how it was wrapped in paper and stuck with lush stickers. I like the colours of it nice sea blue and some dark green defiantly remind of the sea. It contains seaweed absolute to nourish and protect the skin,lime oil for uplifting and protecting,arame seaweed for softening and detoxifying and lavender oil balancing and calming. its good for taking care of sunburn and insect bites which is helpful with it being summer. it lathered up well and smelt like being at the beach with the seaweed it was bit strong but not overall and I would probably buy it again or look into buying other soaps from Lush as this was my first bit.This soap costs £3.25 for 100g,£8.10 for 250g and £16.25 for 500g.

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Where Am I Going Wrong?

Job searching has been going ok and I've had the odd interview but no luck with being employed. It's really starting to annoy me and make me wonder where I'm going wrong? I don't get it? why can't I get a job? I really do feel like I try my damn hardest by looking everyday and applying for what I can but I just either get no response or an interview but no employment. I don't understand why I can't get a job? I am aware I'm not the only unemployed person but I honestly JUST WANT A JOB it's been far too long now and I'm starting to lose hope because I always get turned down :(.

It wasn't meant to be like this I was meant to do volunteering for a little while then get a job but after 5 years of that and 2 xmas jobs I'm no further to getting employed and I don't understand WHY? where am I going wrong?. I do try and not let it bug me but sometimes it gets to me and when I get interviews I have hope but then its crushed by being told I'm unsuccessful and then I'm back to square one. I honestly beileve I should be given a chance to prove that I CAN do the job and I make a good employee. All I want is a chance is that really too much to ask?

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Sorry this post isn't very cheerful

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Long Over Due Life Update

Hey everyone it's been a long time since I've posted on my blog let alone do a life update so I thought I'd better write one.

I am still looking for a job but I am getting interviews which is something and I am also looking everyday and applying for what I can so fingers crossed. I have an interview on Monday so keeping positive about that and its right near my house which is a massive convenience #win. My last interview was for Jacques Vert it went alright but apparently I don't have enough experience #utterrubbish anyway moving on. I went to B&M for a chat about work experience my jobcentre adviser sent me so I thought I'd go along. I pulled out because it was for 8 weeks,unpaid and I just didn't like the manager he just didn't seem like a manager and plus who wants to work that long for nothing? not me! so glad I don't have go there. I did apply there before it opened and had an interview but never heard back though I don't think it's quite me.I am more or less happy (even after getting really sad news last week) :( and I do try to be positive about things and believe my life isn't bad at all and a job will come up soon I'm not giving up!.

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Friday, 1 July 2016

20 Job Hunting Struggles

1. You find a job,you apply and you hear nothing and feel sheer disappointment.

2. You get a interview,go to it and a few days later you're told you're unsuccessful.

3. You need experience in order to get experience.

4. You need certain qualifications just to work in a shop really?!?

5. You need a car but can't afford to have one because you're unemployed and need money.

6. The hours are unreasonable for example 7am start in a clothes shop WHY???

7. Waiting to hear back for an interview is so frustrating.

8. When people keep asking how the job hunt is going and you're like if I'd got a job you'd know about it.

9. I hate the job applications where you have to do a questionnaire and then a the end they tell you you're unsuccessful or they give it a few days and then tell you. What I can't understand is HOW they base someone on a crummy questionnaire? so unfair.......

10. Not being able to get feedback after being unsuccessful if they can tell me that then surely they can give some feedback? makes no sense coming from the companies that claim to be great just no.

11.When other people get a job and you have to pretend to care.

12. You spend hours looking online page after page and find nothing.

13.When you keep hearing peoples success and all you want to do is crawl into a hole and hide.

14. Trying to be positive about things even though you feel like crying because things aren't going well.

15. Job appliactions that ask your martial status why does that matter??? so nosey do you want to know my underwear size too? LOL.

16. When people don't understand what being unemployed is like.

17. When People suggest jobs and assume you can drive.

18. The job websites that don't get updated very often and you see the same jobs everyday.

19. When you have too much time to fill.

20. When job descriptions are as long as your left arm......