Lush Lava Lamp Bathbomb Review

When I go to Lush I always try to seek out new products and give them a try instead of buying the same ones every time so when I went to Lush Colchester (my nearest store) I've yet to suss out Oxford Street! Anyway I picked up this bath bomb called lava lamp it smells of orange and tangerine,has big purple polka dots in it and it stands out one reason I got it and also because of the smell!. I love the bright orange colour,though orange isn't one of my favourite colours this still appealed to me as it's always good to try something to new. I recently tried a different shower gel from Lush and I wasn't overly keen but I finished it.

This bathbomb contains mandarin,tangerine,orange flower.The tangerine oil is uplifting fragrance and tones the skin,the extra virgin olive oil is moisturising and protecting,the fair trade organic cocoa butter is for softening and conditioning and the orange flower absolute is intensely floral and uplifting.This bathbomb costs £3.95 and I probably won't buy it again as it leaves purple all round the bath but it is a nice bathbomb I liked the smell of orange and the purple bits looked cool when it was fizzing. I like the colour the water goes very orangery and purple.also it fizzed for ages which is what you want from a bathbomb. I am glad I tried it but I won't be buying it again I prefer other bathbombs such as Dragons egg which is one of my all time favourites.

Thanks for reading.