Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Lush Lava Lamp Bathbomb Review

When I go to Lush I always try to seek out new products and give them a try instead of buying the same ones every time so when I went to Lush Colchester (my nearest store) I've yet to suss out Oxford Street! Anyway I picked up this bath bomb called lava lamp it smells of orange and tangerine,has big purple polka dots in it and it stands out one reason I got it and also because of the smell!. I love the bright orange colour,though orange isn't one of my favourite colours this still appealed to me as it's always good to try something to new. I recently tried a different shower gel from Lush and I wasn't overly keen but I finished it.

This bathbomb contains mandarin,tangerine,orange flower.The tangerine oil is uplifting fragrance and tones the skin,the extra virgin olive oil is moisturising and protecting,the fair trade organic cocoa butter is for softening and conditioning and the orange flower absolute is intensely floral and uplifting.This bathbomb costs £3.95 and I probably won't buy it again as it leaves purple all round the bath but it is a nice bathbomb I liked the smell of orange and the purple bits looked cool when it was fizzing. I like the colour the water goes very orangery and purple.also it fizzed for ages which is what you want from a bathbomb. I am glad I tried it but I won't be buying it again I prefer other bathbombs such as Dragons egg which is one of my all time favourites.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Life Update

I had an email today from John Lewis about my recent application and was unsuccessful I was kinda expecting that I am aware I struggle with being in groups so I am going to try and work on ways to overcome it. Getting to Chelmsford isn't easy (2 buses away) and the training would have been at Writtle college which I've no clue where that is in Chelmsford. I'm glad I did the course though,got to the assessment,made friends and got to the end it was something to do for just over 2 weeks and then some extra days. I don't think much would have changed if I'd not been on this course.

The assessment for the John Lewis job itself was hard for me I didn't say a lot and I become my quiet self and I wish I didn't :( but unfortunately I do and I'm not sure how to overcome it it's not easy for me.I'm not the most sociable girl and when I find myself having to meet new people I go quiet and keep myself to myself and that gets noticed so people probably think I'm rude which I'm not.Having Fragile X makes things difficult for and I wish it didn't but there's nothing I can do to change that I've got it I can't let it stop me from doing things. We had three tasks to do and while they weren't hard tasks I just found working in a group hard it's not my strong point,the same goes with having group interviews.

I've also been slacking with my blog too,well lack of ideas to be honest but I guess that happens to everyone and I will soon have lots of ideas. lately I've been comparing mine to others and wishing mine was better and I had better pictures and content but it's not ideal to compare it doesn't solve anything and it's pretty pointless. I love my blog but I do wish I could improve it so maybe I will be able to one day. I have 14 followers and over 12,000 views but I'd love to grow it and get more followers which I know won't happen overnight but fingers crossed it does one day.

Now everything has finished I'm getting back into job hunting which sucks I hate it,I just don't understand where I'm going wrong? why can't I get a job? why won't anyone employ me? I have all these questions going around in my head trying to figure things out. I feel like I'm not getting anywhere and I'm just stuck in the same place I want to do other things,give up volunteering,meet new people,have a really good job and earn my own money. I do think is this ever going to happen? am I really going to be unemployed forever? I just wish it was easy,I wish I could get a job near to where I live,I wish I didn't have to go volunteering anymore. I didn't expect to be there for 5 years it really wasn't the plan but things haven't turned out the way I'd hoped.

I do try my best at looking for a job but it's hard when they have stupid hours,you need experience or you need a car yada yada yada most jobs I find or apply for end up not being suitable like the m&s one I had an interview a few weeks ago the woman was mean and the job had crap hours actually glad I didn't get it I wasn't keen on working with these girls who seemed so stuck up there own arse. I look everyday,on as many websites as possible,apply for what I can but I get nothing from it and I just don't get it. WHY ME? WHY WON'T SOMEONE EMPLOY ME????.It does get hard to stay positive about things when they never go right for me and it does annoy me when people don't understand what it's like,how I feel and how bored I get.

I think I've mentioned everything
Thanks for reading and I hope to be back with a more positive post soon.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I'm Back!

Hey guys long time no blog posts! but fear not I'm back with an update on everything so let's go!.

I have finished my John Lewis college course in the hope of getting a job at the new store. Yesterday was the final assessment it was hard as we were in groups and had 3 tasks to do but group sessions and interviews aren't my strong points. I even struggle with one to one interviews sometimes but I guess I do prefer them instead of having groups/role play and plus I'm not the most talkative person and I go quiet when it comes to the tasks I just wish it was easy for me :( and I could overcome being in groups of new people.I am glad it's over now and I will try and be positive about the outcome.

I am now getting back into job hunting so hopefully something will come up soon I am keeping everything crossed. It is hard and I do have days when I feel like am I ever going to get a job? but I do have support from great people and I know that there is a job out there for me somewhere I just have to keep going,keep looking and never never give up.I'm glad I did the college course it has helped me and I have learnt from it but there are some things I need to work on and I am going to try my best to overcome them and do better because I know I can do it.

Life has been hard lately and after my crappy interview at m&s last week I felt so low the interviewer wasn't nice at all I think she upset on purpose and then this other worker said something about jobs over at the food store and I think they made me fee uneasy and uncomfortable on purpose and so I got pretty upset with that and with job hunting because it does get to me sometimes but I am getting back to my positive self which is good because I hate being down about things.

Anyway that's all for this post 
Thanks for reading and I will be back soon.