People Don't Understand

I just thought of writing this post about how hard it is to find  a job and how employers don't understand disabilities. I just wanted to let things out and write things down.

I have been unemployed for a long time now it bothers me a lot,I feel down and I keep wondering am I ever going to get a job? I do get the odd interviews but when I go they either don't well or they do go well but I don't get a job. I know I can do it I just need a chance to prove that I make a good employee. Things haven't been easy I've been on endless courses,had 2 temp jobs,been to crappy seetec but nothing has come up for me and I do sometimes wonder where I'm going wrong? well there are a few things I need to work on so fingers crossed I overcome them soon. I post a lot on the Fragile X Facebook page which is really helpful and I also talk to Jane who works in the office at Fragile X she has helped me a lot with things. I have also had help from Dan at Shaw Trust he got me my last xmas job and has also been helpful with the college course I recently finished.

I have Fragile X a learning disability where I find things hard such as eye contact,meeting people I am shy and quiet so this makes things difficult. I have gained confidence from volunteering for 5 years and I did have 2 xmas jobs but nothing permanent has come up for me. I do think now most jobs have unreasonable hours which makes it harder when I have to rely on public transport. I went to an interview at M&S for the clothes department today and I didn't get the job because of the hours I would sometimes need to be there at 7am I mean why? what for? it's just ridiculous that jobs these days have such stupid hours.All I want is a job that has reasonable hours I can get there and back but there just aren't any about because they all have such crummy hours. I don't think companies really understand what it's like having a disability and trying to get a job relying on public transport is hard as well because there aren't early buses that will get somewhere for example at 6am I mean even if I drove I still wouldn't want to be getting somewhere so early they just expect you to be flexible (I can be if the hours were reasonable) but they don't understand that having to rely on buses isn't easy.

I think I've mentioned everything I need to say.
Thanks for reading and I hope to be back soon with a more positive post.


  1. I totally understand I have experienced employers who have not been supportive or known how to help me. It's hard being unemployed but you have to keep going even when it seems hard.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah I know I will keep going until I get to where I want to be :)


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