How Fragile X Affects Job Hunting

Hello I am back with some content it has been a while since I last posted but I'm currently on a course and blogging has taken a backseat but I will get back into it when my course ends which is soon!. I just wanted to get something posted now while I have some time.

For me finding a job has been far from easy from me ever since I left school in 2007/college in 2010 I've been on JSA for so long and I'm now on universal credit.Over time I've been on endless courses which have been no help whatsoever seetec was for 2 years and most unhelpful my adviser wasn't nice at all she sent me jobs I couldn't get to,made me go when it was my signing day. The other courses I've done haven't been any help either it's just stuff I already know but the job centre just send you so they look good. I went to Shaw trust the beginning of 2015 and they have been most helpful than anyone else they got me my Xmas job at M&S last year which was in Chelmsford not my favourite place but I was really desperate for a job even it was only for Xmas I still liked it and gained more confidence. I have gained more skills and learnt a lot from volunteering in a charity shop (for 5 years) that wasn't the plan to be there so long but things didn't work out how I thought.

Having Fragile X does make job hunting hard for me at times and when I apply for jobs and they have a questionnaire the questions aren't easy,I find them difficult and I don't think it's a fair way of applying I never get anywhere with them and I don't like doing them. Other times when I apply and get an interview I get my words muddled up sometimes,or I look around the room which I try not to do but it's hard to always give someone eye contact because of having Fragile X. I know I can't change having a disability and I will always have it so I have to bypass all the obstacles and prove to myself and others that I am good enough for a job and I am NOT giving up until I've found a job that I love doing I will get there and I am more positive about things now I believe they will get better very soon I will not lose hope!. I know that I can do anything I want (well within reason haha!) and I am going to do whatever it takes,I believe that things are possible and I will keep on going. I do get worried/nervous/anxious about interviews,applying for jobs and I also get down about job rejections because I really do try my best and that's all I can do and I know worrying is pointless but we all do it. I do try to worry less and stay positive about things because my life isn't bad and compared to others I've met recently I count myself lucky.

I hope you liked this post and thanks for reading