Group And One To One Interviews

I wasn't going to write this post but as I have a group assessment day coming up I thought I'd share my experiences.

I've never been a fan of interviews especially group ones I haven't had a lot of them but the ones I've had haven't gone well because I'm not this outgoing person,talkative person who always has things to say. So when it comes to group interviews I become my shy,quiet,self and don't really contribute to it and that's where I'm going wrong and haven't got a job.I'm okay with one to one but they still worry me and I find it hard answering questions and I can't get my words out because I'm so nervous. I do think that because I'm not this outgoing person I haven't got a job but I do come out my shell it just takes some time but they don't see it like that and so I don't even get a chance I know I can do the job but they don't see it like that.

I recently done a college course with new people and it didn't really take long for me to make friends/talk to others but I was quiet at times and did find myself not contributing ideas as there were louder people on it. I soon came out my shell which surprised me because it normally takes a while.When I was on this course I had an interview for B&M and that was a group I found the task easy,it was just the meeting new people/talking/being outgoing part was hard and that's probably why I haven't got the job.I did have group interview at Holland and Barrett a while ago and again it was hard and didn't go well because there were people there who knew about the products and were passionate about health so I didn't really stand a chance.

I've always found it hard meeting new people and school wasn't a good time for me either or also college things weren't easy as I have Fragile X I find talking to new people difficult and I go shy/quiet and nervous about it. I've never been this outgoing or very sociable girl I don't really want to be like that as such but I still want to be able to talk to new people and not feel worried about it. I think having Fragile X does make things harder for me but I still believe I should have a chance at getting job regardless of having a disability I know I can do these things and I am capable I just need a chance to prove it.

Thanks for reading.