Employability College Course

My blog has taken a back seat since being on a college course for 2 weeks and 4 days (which I'll explain in a minute) I haven't had anytime to write any posts and so I thought I'd write about my experiences and what I thought about it all.

My job centre advisor Karena and my old advisor Thea told me about this course and said it was to possibly get a job the new John Lewis opening in Chelmsford soon what she didn't say was that it was really a employability course and I've done many of them. Every time I went in she kept going on and on and I was so adamant I didn't want to go to Chelmsford everyday and I tried to make excuses (it clearly didn't work) I finally gave in and agreed to do it. I started on Monday 25th April 2016 the first day was bit muddled and not very organised but the first week wasn't too bad we got to know each other and we did a ice breaker with marshmallows and spaghetti (uncooked pasta).The 2nd week (4 days) as there was a bank holiday we did start going through our work book it was easy stuff and seemed pointless because I've done all these kinds of courses before. No one of it had anything to do with John Lewis. Sometimes it felt like being back at school with bitching and tell tailing etc and some didn't get on and some clashed with each other. We did help each other with things and we did have a laugh too which is good. I found Andrew from Chelmsford job centre most helpful he met me at the bus park to walk with me to college on the 2nd day so I was reassured and less worried it helped a lot I do find it hard asking people for help with things but I think I am getting there and I have gained more confidence in myself.

The whole 2 weeks and 4 days weren't what I expected there always seemed to be issue after issue and it never seemed like anything got done nor did I really learn anything in all honesty I don't feel that I learnt a lot or have really done much work. We visited John Lewis at Westfield at Stratford London on 6th May 2016 which was good I liked going there to ask questions and look around the store made a change from being in the classroom and I love London I even managed to go to Primark I wish I'd stayed longer and gone about my own but ah well. The last week it finished on the Friday 13th May 2016 was the worst we were all doing our online applications I did mine at home when I got the email because I thought that was the plan I didn't need to do it again. It was a bad week,everyone was getting upset with the process and then there was another issues with some people and the tutor (not going into detail on that). My tutor Brigit was nice but I felt like I didn't get enough help with anything I didn't really have any issues or anything but I think the class was too big and everyone talked over each other and it was too much for her to deal with. It would have been better if the class was smaller because I don't think the tutor could cope she also doing college course herself and I've no idea how she did that and teach us for 2 weeks and 4 days. I did get a bit upset with things in the last week everything was getting to me and I just felt all my emotions coming out. I've met new people which I'm glad I have because I find that hard and this course has helped me out with that :). It did make a change having something to get up and go out for everyday but the walk to college was longggg! hated that bit but I did it everyday and I am proud I made it to the end.

Thanks for reading.