12 Ways To Worry Less

1.Keep thinking positive thoughts and positive things will happen.

2.99% of the things we worry about don't even happen.

3.Take time out,have a bubble bath,relax and just de-stress/de-worry!.

4.Talk to your friends,family,teacher,college tutor someone you can trust with things.

5.Keep smiling about the good things in your life.

6.Write your worries down and you'll realise they aren't really worth worrying about.

7.Listen to your favourite songs.

8.Take a walk/run to take your mind off things.

9.Find inspiring quotes and put them in a frame and put them on your wall.

10.Watch your favourite TV series/films.

11.Things will work out eventually don't put pressure on yourself.

12.Hang out with your pet they're guaranteed to make you happier.

Thanks for reading.