Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon

The bubbleroon version of the shower gel! it's just as good and you get many baths out of it if you don't use much at a time but you can use it all if you want!. It makes lots of bubbles and turns the water pink. The bubbleroon is in two halves like a macaroon so you can break it in half and crumbled some under running water to make lots of bubbles.

Pink is one of my favourtie colour so this is pretty appropriate,it shimmers and smells amazing! sweet scent so if you like the shower gel of this then you'll like this too!.  It contains rose oil for balancing and restorative,fairtrade organic cocoa butter for softening and conditioning,geranium oil for toning and balancing and lemon oil for uplifting and refreshing.  It also contains rose oil and rose absolute for a very rosy experience! This bubbleroon cost £3.75.

Thanks for reading