10 Things I've Learned Since Blogging

1.Don't compare yourself to others it's not worth it and most of the time people's lives aren't as great as they make out so don't worry and stop comparing.

2.Don't think that just because most bloggers have fancy instagram pictures and marble tables or what not to take pictures think that you need to buy them just because they have them,why be the same? don't do something just to fit in BE YOU. My pictures are only taken on my iPhone I'd thought about buying a camera but didn't think I'd use it enough and I don't think iPhone pictures are bad but maybe one day I'll a camera..

3.My blog is good enough and there's no point in getting blogger envy it won't change anything and it's a huge waste of time!.

4.You can't worry about comments,views,followers etc (on social media too) because numbers are just numbers I used to care about them and wanted more but the point is blogging makes me happy.It doesn't matter how many twitter or instagram followers you have because to be honest you don't even know any of them so it's not hugely important.

5.Don't blog about things that don't interest you or to fit in people will notice so just be yourself and write about the things you like.

6.Don't think that you've got to use/buy expensive makeup or skincare products because there's no point if you know you can't afford them. I've never bought mac or benefit and to be honest it doesn't appeal to me I'd rather be able to get more than just one thing with my money.

7.Being creative with your content brings people back and it's always good to have fun with pictures etc.

8.Post as often as you can because it will keep people reading and they'll keep coming back if they like your content but it's ok to take a break sometimes.

9.Things take time,it took me a while to get going but it's a great achievement when you reach goals like I recently reached 10,000 views on my blog and I just can't believe that! I don't have a lot of followers but to know 10,000 people read my blog is just amazing!

10.Keep going,keep posting,don't give up and most important be yourself.

Thanks for reading.