Sunday, 10 January 2016

My All Time Favourite Seventeen Blow Out Blackest Black Mascara

My go to mascara is seventeen blackest black I always re-purchase this one because it's so good and the price is reasonable. I've bought other mascaras such as Rimmel and soap glory but they just don't do it for me the Rimmel one smelt like cucumber wdf?!? and the Soap and Glory one the brush wasn't big enough and it didn't go on as well like the seventeen which goes on better than the others. It costs £6.29 which is affordable if you're on a budget and to be honest I don't see the point spending loads on a mascara like most bloggers/youtubers do when you can get just as good ones on the high street for a lot less.

The mascara goes on well, no clumps! and makes my lashes look longer which I like and it stays on all day. It is very black but that's what I like about it the more black the better the bigger brush makes is easier to apply and it covers all your lashes and makes them bolder and 12x more volumised. I really would recommend this mascara if you're new to makeup or just want to try something else because it's just amazing and totally worth buying plus it's on offer in Boots(the only highstreet store you can get it) at the moment for only £4.99 even better!.

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