Lush Big Bang Bubblebar Review

I wanted to try the valentine's day unicorn horn but it had sold out sad times :( so I got the big bang bubble bar and it didn't disappoint! I love the colours blue,the pink star in the middle and yellow round the side,it smells amazing and turned the water a nice blue.

It has grapefruit oil for uplifting and refreshing,avocado butter for nourishing and hydrating,tangerine oil for uplifting fragrance and tones the skin and it also has lemon myrtle oil which you can really smell when in the bath. It costs £3.75 I know seems a lot and some people aren't lush fans,though I do think you get more baths out of bubble bars because you crumble a bit under the tap.

Unless you'd rather use all of it at once then that's up to you but I like to save mine so I can get as many baths out of it as possible!. I like the name as it reminds me of the big bang theory (it might be where the name came from I don't know!) though I don't normally go by what the names are I normally go by smell! or if they're colourful.

Thanks for reading.