I've Got A Job!!!

It's so exciting writing this post because I didn't think I would be so soon! but I've got a Christmas job (2.11.15) I start my induction next week and then my first day is Thursday! I am so happy! :D the job is at Marks and Spencer in Chelmsford and while it is 2 bus rides away I am just glad to have been given a chance because it had been too long and I am just really chuffed and can't wait to start,meet new people and learn new skills. I am so thankful for all the help from Shaw Trust they have believed in me,helped me,are always there and just very supported and I really couldn't have done it without them. It has taken about 2/3 years and I am excited to get stuck in,keen to gain more experience and just have fun!. If you really want something in life then put 100% into it and never ever give up until you get there because if it's really what you want then it's worth having and just believe in yourself and keep smiling like this ---> :D

Thanks for reading