Saturday, 21 November 2015

5 Years Volunteering At East Anglia's Children's Hospice Charity Shop

On this day (I officially started on a Monday) 21st November 2010 5 years ago I started volunteering at East Anglia's Children's Hospice in Halstead which I got after Mencap another charity suggested it and I honestly didn't think I'd be here 5 years later but I am I just didn't think I'd have stayed there all this time I just thought maybe a couple of months or so but it didn't work out like that!. Volunteering has really helped me with talking to people,gaining confidence and becoming a lot less shy,I have Fragile X which is partly why I'm like that because when I first started I felt like I didn't really fit in as I was new and so quiet and shy and I wanted to quit but I somehow stuck at it.

I first started doing the afternoon shift at 1pm-5pm on Mondays and Fridays I used to come in with my lunch and eat it before even doing any work haha oh dear! but then in 2013 I started doing all day 9:30am-4:30pm to help out in the 6 weeks holidays and I have been doing ever since I use the till,sort donations,help the customers,price things and put things out. Ever since I began volunteering I have become more cheeky,witty and we all have banter and make jokes and I am glad it's like that because if I went elsewhere and I couldn't be like that then it wouldn't be fun at all. I have come out my shell so much and I am proud of myself for sticking at it and for not quitting because being there has changed me and I am so glad I started.

I've made many great friends Dawn,Bradley who's boss,Joanne,Julia and pat they're the people I mostly work with and it was where I met my now ex boyfriend Richard in 2013 but we got together in March 2014 I don't see him anymore even though we live in the same town and he doesn't volunteer anymore he stopped when he got a job at Lidl. I really feel I've overcome and achieved a lot in the past 5 years and it is thanks to taking up volunteering it really has made a difference to me because if I hadn't of started or quit I still think I'd be the same shy,quiet,withdrawn girl but somehow I've overcome them and I am more confident and can talk to people which is a huge deal for me and who knows I might get a full time job soon that's my next goal :).

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