My Best Charity Shop Find ASOS Fox Dress

I was so excited when I found this fox dress at volunteering, I volunteer at East Anglia's Children's Hospice in Halstead if you're wondering. I was at the till when I saw this dress and had to go look and I knew I had to buy it there and then!. I was drawn to the fox print, foxes are just amazing animals and the green goes well with the orange of the foxes which are just so cute!. The dress is originally from Asos which I don't really buy from 1.I can't and's quite expensive when you're unemployed :( plus most of my clothes come from the charity shop anyway because I always find such good stuff and it's much much cheaper go check them out. I looked this dress up online and it was meant to be £28 then it was £19 which is still a lot but I only paid £2.25! such a super bargain I am really glad I picked this up when I did.

Thanks for reading.