Lush Pink Flamingo Birds Of A Feather Reusable Bubble Bar Review

I'm a big fan of trying new lush products so I bought the pink flamingo bubble bar,because well it's pink,a flamingo and they're awesome!. I like bubblebars more because you can use them many times unlike a bath bomb which you use once but they're still good and I love how they fizz. You swirl it in the water or under the tap and it makes bubbles that turns the water pink! It smells of and rosewood and sexy ylang ylang. It is ideal for a pampering day/night if you're looking for something fun!. It cost £5.95 which I do think is a lot but it will probably last me a few baths and I would consider re-purchasing. I think it's funky bubble bar that can be for any age it's fresh and fruity and overall a pretty good bubble bar.

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