Tuesday, 5 September 2017

My Favourite Bloggers/YouTubers

Brogan Tate (brogantatexo)
She makes weekly& travel vlogs and the occasional beauty ones I found her channel in 2015 and I've been so hooked ever since!. She's so down to earth, and always so positive and an all round fab YouTuber who I'd love to meet one . https://www.youtube.com/user/brogantatexo/featured

Tamsin Graham
Tamsin is a smaller YouTuber and she's recently started making videos again. I'm super glad as I enjoyed watching her but when she stopped vlogmas last year I was kind of gutted but it's good to have her back making weekly vlogs. It would be good to meet her one day as she seems so genuine and positive. https://www.youtube.com/user/xtamsin/featured

Grace Victory
Grace talks more about the important subjects that rarely get talked about which is what this society needs. She's all about body positivity and self love and I'm so happy I found her channel and blog. I recently bought her book no filter and read it in about 3 days it was so good. I'd love to meet Grace some day as well it would be great to get advice and just have a chat. https://www.youtube.com/user/UglyFaceOfBeauty/featured

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

4 Simple Ways To Get Organised

I thought I'd share a different post today on ways to get organised as we all accumulate loads of things and 9 times out of 10 nothing has a proper home. So todays post is about 4 simple ways to get organised.
Storage Baskets
Buy some storage baskets or boxes if you prefer which can be used for your make up, skincare, paper work and any other things you want to use them for. My baskets came from Wilko and are pretty reasonably priced as you can see I use my little ones for my skincare and make up, and the bigger ones for stationary/paperwork. You can buy them in whatever size you need as it depends where you're storing them for example under your bed, in your dressing table drawers/on your dressing table/book shelf. Putting things in baskets etc help keep your room/house/flat tidier.

Plan Your Week
Write lists of what you're doing for the week they're a good way to organise yourself so you don't forget anything!. It's also a good idea to know roughly what you're doing and if something else comes up you can fit it in. I love making to do lists for the week or the day.

Cosmetic Drawers
These are really useful for keeping your makeup tidy or stationary if you prefer so it's not all over the place. I bought my drawers and tray from B&M. These are pretty cheap if you're on a budget also there's no point spending loads.

I'm a crazy cat lady so this cat shaped light up chalkboard is right up my street! it was a present last year and I love it! it's so handy for writing little quotes or little to do lists to keep me motivated and productive.
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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Why I Like Being Single

My last relationship was in 2014/2015 and ever since then I've been single and to be honest I've had no interest in dating or anything. So I thought I'd share why I like being single and if you relate then leave a comment I always reply.

1.You don't have to explain it's your time of the month every time (they don't get it anyway!).

2.More cash for make up, days out, clothes etc.

3.Nights in to watch documentaries, films, TV series etc on Netflix.

4.No make up days FTW!

5.You don't have to share food! haha lol.

6.More time to go out with your friends.

7.Time to hang out with your cat.(yes I'm one of them people! no shame)

8.Extra pamper sessions/self care.

9.You don't have to watch the football/any sport.

10.Enjoy spending time with your friends/family/yourself.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

A Very Long Over Due Life Update

Well hello there I'm back with a long over due life update it really has been a while since I've posted one. I've been putting off writing this post because I was waiting to hear about my time at B&M so now I know I can post this!.

B&M Job
I started back in February and it was meant to end in May but got it got extended till August anyway I have good news! I'm being kept on! yay I'm glad as I do need this job and also I can look for other work too. It has been going well the whole time I've been there and I've made new friends which is good. I think it's helped me with gaining more confidence and also I'm gaining more skills and experience. I had been getting good feedback from the managers which definitely helps make me feel proud and that I'm doing a good job.

I think my blog is doing well at the moment my stats are pretty good and I'm enjoying posting content. I have gained more followers on my blog and social media which I'm happy about! I like meeting new people and connecting with others who share the same interests. My blog is still my hobby and I'm happy with that.

My plans for now are to keep working at B&M and look for other work at the same time and also work on my blog more which I feel like has taken a back seat lately but I hope to be posting content very soon so watch this space!.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with more content.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

7 Ways To A Brighter Week

We all need a little lift in life when we feel unmotivated and sluggish but fear not today's post is all about little ways to making your week a little brighter. I hope you're inspired by this and it helps in some ways.

1.Plan your week on Sunday's either in your diary, calendar on your phone or just in a notebook. It's good to plan and have a rough idea of what you're doing that week. Plus you'll feel more motivated knowing what's happening!.

2.Write a to do list with the most important things at the top, then work your way downwards. It's good to have a list of things to do as it'll keep you productive.

3.Buy a notebook and fill it with positive and inspirational quotes.

4.Tidy up your room and organise things tidy room= tidy mind!.

5.Get outside and go for a walk and also open the windows to let in some fresh air.

6.Buy some flowers they are guaranteed to brighten your mood and the room with their bright colours.

7.Find your favourite quote, print it off and buy a frame (big enough) and hang it on the wall.

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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Benefit Make Up Review

This is the first time I've bought more expensive make up because I could never justify spending that much. Now I have a job and I'm earning money I thought I'd give it a try and be brave! haha.

So a few weeks ago I went to Chelmsford and walked around Debenhams looking at benefit make up and also urban decay but I didn't really know what I was looking for and I was kinda too scared too ask, also I feel that I'm going to be judged.

I then went to Boots and plucked up the courage to get some advice from one of the assistants who was called Robyn. While I was there I had a little make over and tutorial of the foundation and concealer, she also used a primer and mascara but I didn't purchase them. I'm quite loyal to the Seventeen mascaras blowout and the back lash and also the Rimmel primer. I've tired others and this one is still the best!.

This foundation is really good, it feels light and doesn't feel heavy at all like some I've tried in the past. It gives good coverage and a little goes a long way. It also doesn't feel like it's slipping of your face when it the weather is hot. I'm so impressed with it and I'm glad I took the plunge and splurged for the first time!. This foundation cost £29.00 and I got shade pure for sure in Ivory. I recommend this foundation if you want to splurge! it's a good product that I'd buy again for sure!.

This concealer is the best one I've ever bought didn't think id say that but it was a lot more than I normally pay!. This comes in a little pot and a little goes along way, it's easy to blend and gives good coverage. This concealer costs £17.50 it's not normally what I'd spend but it is good!. I normally buy the Rimmel wake me up which is £5.49 which is still a favourite. I  recommend this concealer as it does exactly what the pot says! if you're looking for a high-end concealer then I suggest buying this one.

This was free as I'd bought 2 other products and so far it's pretty good!, a little goes a really long way so remember that! It blends well and gives a nice bronze look. This is a liquid bronzer which is good as you know how much to use it goes on well but it does need a lot of blending.This one is a sample sized one but you can get it full sized which is £24.50.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Why It's Ok To Have Off Days

We all have those down days where we lose motivation and just don't feel like ourselves whether it's school, college, job or general life issues we sometimes feel overwhelmed with it all.

We need a break to re charge and to feel better and motivated again it's not good to get stressed out over things that probably aren't worth getting stressed over but we all do it!.

So today on my blog I'm sharing why it's ok to have off days and how to pick yourself up again.

1.Don't beat yourself up if you haven't blogged in a few days /or done what's on your to do list it's good to take a break.

2.It's ok to have make up free days.

3.If you feel like staying in bed eating chocolate then do it!.

4.Take a break, go for a walk, listen to music or read a book.

5.Go for a long bubble bath, relax and unwind no phones etc.

6.Go to bed early to get a good nights sleep.

7.Have a pamper session.

8.Go for a walk, get fresh air and just take your time.

9.Listen to music and make a positive playlist.

10.If it helps talk to someone about things no matter how big or small.

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Things Aren't All Bad

We all have down days and sometimes feel like giving up but sometimes we need to realise that things aren't actually all bad. I don't have many down days and when I do it's normally when I have my period. If I am having a down day when it's not mother nature I try to just focus on the positive things and not dwell on the negatives or the things I can't change.

1.I have a job I'm earning money and meeting new people which is good and who knows it might turn into a permeant job.

2.Chocolate coconut chips are life it was YouTuber/blogger Brogan Tate who got me into them!.

3.I joined Apple Music for 3 months (free) and I'm enjoying listening to old school songs.

4.I bought 2 cute little flamingo and pineapple lights from Primark.

5.Watching crime/prison documentries (I know some aren't nice but they're interesting) plus they're much better than the shows on at the moment!.

6.Going to Edinburgh last month and visiting the castle.

7.Gaining more confidence by having a job at B&M.

8.Buying Benefit make up for the first time!.

9.Currently addicted to chewits #soznotsoz


I've finally got this written and published no idea why it took me so blooming long but here we are!.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

10 Interview Tips

After getting in a muddle with my blog posts by thinking I'd written a post on interviews (turns out I hadn't) so here I am writing one! I hope this helps, and don't forget to leave comments I always reply.

I know how hard going to interviews is and so I thought I'd share my top tips.

1. Research the company this looks good and it also shows you're pretty interested in working there.

2. Get organised- get your outfit ready washed/ironed etc, notes, bus/train times if you don't drive leave in plenty of time to catch the bus/train, again if you drive leave in plenty of time.

3. Make notes and write down questions you want to ask the interviewer.

4. Eat breakfast/lunch depending on the time of your interview.

5. Be yourself.

6.Dont be late this doesn't look good at all.

7.Shower/bath in the morning.

8. Look presentable/smart.

9.Be polite, say hello/good morning/afternoon/thank them for inviting you.

10.Look at them in eye when you're talking.

Good luck and don't give up!.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blogging Goals

We all have goals in life that we want to reach and when I began my blog back in 2014 I wasn't really sure where I wanted m blog to go or whether I'd get views ,followers, comments. I am currently on 32,000 views but I would like to get more followers that is one of my goals. I'm glad I made a blog because I like sharing my beauty reviews, life updates, advice and Fragile x.

Reach 40,000 views.

Gain more followers on here and social media.

Make blogger friends.

Grow my blog.

Work with brands.

Make money (not sure how that works but maybe one day)

You can read more about why I made a blog here

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Suffering With Travel Sickness



I wasn't going to share a post on this but I thought I would to see if anyone else relates to me, so like I said above please don't read this if you have a phobia of sick.

For as long as I can remember I've always suffered with travel sickness and so I don't really go away much because of it. I remember one time we were going away and we'd only gone up the road and I was sick!, I do take travel pills and I think they work more or less every time I take them but they do make your mouth dry. I'm ok if I take pills, I'm looking forwards and can see out the window

I start to feel funny if I'm in a car in the back going round country lanes and I cant look down either, I'm also terrible on a boat/ferry, coach and if I'm on a train backwards (like recently when I went to Edinburgh). I can't tell you if I get sick on a plane because I've never been on one but to be honest I don't think I'd like it. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be sick and then I'm not or I am, I feel overheated and my head feels funny.

I don't like being sick its horrible and I feel embarrassed if I'm on public transport and people are watching/looking/making judgement (I bet they do) I wish I didn't get it so I could travel more but unfortunately I can't. I do take pills the night before if I'm going on a long trip or I take them when I wake up and hope they work.

If you relate to this then please leave a comment I always reply or tweet me @sarahbobbeal

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